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Within the contiguous U.S. No Express Shipping.

Outside the contiguous U.S: Standard shipping charges apply as noted below.

Shipping Methods & Rates
Order Status & Shipment Tracking
Shipping Terms
"RUSH" Order Service
Shipping Damage or Loss
Shipping Green
Shipping Methods & Rates¬
We proudly use United States Postal Service's (USPS) First Class International, Priority, Express and Global Priority mail services.
USPS provides Track & Confirm services for most shipping options, allowing customers to check on the delivery status of their item(s).
United States of America

(including AA, AE, AK, AP, AS, FM, GU, HI, MH, MP, PR, PW, VI)

USPS First Class Domestic (U.S.) Mail
$4.95 - $6.951
Commercial or Residential Address
Online Tracking NOT available3

USPS Priority Mail

$8.95 - $33.951
Commercial or Residential Address
Packages are delivered in an average of 2-3 days2 to any destination.
Delivery to all U.S. addresses, including PO boxes and military addresses.
Online Tracking & Delivery Confirmation

USPS Express Mail

$36.95 - $89.951
Commercial or Residential Address
Next day2delivery by noon or by 3:00 pm to many destinations.
Delivery to most addresses in the United States - including PO Boxes and military addresses.
Online Tracking & Delivery Confirmation
USPS First Class International Mail
$16.95 - $39.951
Commercial or Residential Address
Online Tracking NOT available3
USPS Global Priority Mail

$24.95 - $53.951

Commercial or Residential Address
Online Tracking
USPS First Class International Mail
$15.95 - $38.951
Commercial or Residential Address
Online Tracking NOT available3
USPS Global Priority Mail

$30.95 - $81.951

Commercial or Residential Address
Online Tracking

1 Rate depends on number and weight of items ordered. Surcharges may apply based on weight/size of product.
2 Delivery times as shown DO NOT include Production Time. Estimated speed of delivery is based on when shipment is received and scanned by shipper.
3 In accordance with the Shipping Damage or Loss statement below, we are not responsible for lost shipments. First Class International Mail Service does not provide for shipment tracking. Thus, be advised that while the cost is less, you are receiving less assurance of mail routing.
Order Status and Shipment Tracking¬
A Note about Shipping - Each item offered is manufactured upon order. This ensures that our products are fresh when they arrive at your door. Due to the fact that our products are not sitting on a shelf gathering dust and getting old, you can rest assured that you will receive satisfaction long after the posted warranty dates.
Thus, while our regular days for shipping are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, it may take up to a week or more for you to actually receive your order. We appreciate your understanding and are confident that you will be pleased with your purchase.
Shipping & Tracking information (not available for First Class International Mail service) will be sent to the email of record when a shipping label is generated for your shipment. It may take up to twenty-four (24) hours for tracking information to show up on the USPS Track & Confirm database.
Suggested Timeframe and Methods of Order Status Inquiry
1 Week Be Patient & Wait
2 Weeks Online Shipping Inquiry - 'Click' Here
3 Weeks Email or Call - 'Click' Here

We are proud to be a small company of honest people. Even though we do our best, there are rare instances where we mess up on an order. Sorry. Patience, understanding and cooperation are attributes most appreciated from our customers. Thank You!
Shipping Terms¬
  • Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays will be processed the next business day.
  • Shipping Address provided at Check Out is the address we'll ship to. We are not responsible for incorrect or undeliverable addresses. An additional Shipping & Handling payment will be required prior to re-shipment.
  • With the exception of First Class International Mail service, Tracking information will be provided to customers with valid email addresses.
  • Not responsible for delays in delivery due to weather or any other uncontrollable acts.
  • For those who observe the Christmas holiday and desire their item(s) to be received on a timely basis, we suggest placing your order by the second (2nd) Tuesday of December. Exact time of product arrival cannot be guaranteed during such a busy shipping time of the year. As a "rule of thumb", unless you select Next Day shipping service (limited availability-see chart above), we recommend ordering at least 8-10 business days (M-F) prior to your event/holiday to ensure timely delivery.
  • i
    "RUSH" Order Service¬
    Orders are generally processed on a First Come First Serve basis. We realize however there are times when our customers require an order processed in a more expedient manner.
    Thus, for an additional $9.95 (U.S.), our RUSH Order Service will allow your order to "leapfrog" into the front area of our Production and Shipping queue.

    While RUSH Order Service will expedite the shipment of your order, please note the following:

  • RUSH Order Service charge shall be in addition to the desired Shipping Method Rate.
  • Orders eligible for RUSH Service must be placed by phone - 920-832-0094.
  • Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays will be processed the next business day.
  • RUSH Orders are subject to product material availability.
  • Not all items can be processed, manufactured and shipped the same day. These items include domed products and any custom items. Rest assured however your order will be regarded as high priority and will ship as soon as possible.
  • Orders must be placed before 2 PM (U.S. CST) to be eligible for same day shipping.
  • i
    Shipping Damage or Loss¬

    Despite best efforts of the Postal Service™, mail is occasionally damaged or lost. Currently, USPS Express Mail is the only service available whereby claims can be filed for reimbursement coverage.
    'Click' Here to review the USPS Customer Guide to Filing Domestic Insurance Claims for USPS Express Mail.
    While rare, damaged or lost shipments occur. Lost or misdirected mail is out of our control. As a result, we cannot be held liable for such loss.
    Please consider that it's not the end of the world, cause for anger or a reason to lash out at our Customer Service representatives who are doing what they can, in their limited power, to assist.
    To help establish a baseline, as long as our customer provides a valid address to ship to, they are not responsible. In the same token, manufacturing the product correctly, inserting the item into a sound shipping container and handing it over to the Shipper (USPS, UPS, FedEx, or other), it’s also logical to assume we are not responsible for such occurrences either.
    Questions have been raised in the past which include “Why do you ship with USPS?” or, “Why did you send my item with UPS?” or even, “Why did you send my shipment in a box rather than a tube?” Fact of the matter, whoever the Shipper is or whatever the method of packaging we use, it seems there will always be a way for shipments to be lost or damaged. We could seal the item in a steel container, hand carry it to a local depot, pay for extra handling, slap “Fragile” decals on all sides and shipping companies undoubtedly will find a way to damage or lose it.
    All aside though, as a reasonable company that strives to focus on customer satisfaction through quality product and service, we are sympathetic in such cases and have been successful in assisting customers with mutually agreeable solutions.
    Here are the options available:

    Lost/Late Shipment Options

    1) Simply be patient and wait. Shipments have been known to linger at various depots or transfer stations - for whatever reason - and all of a sudden show up. If Express service was requested and paid for, we will be happy to apply for credit and submit a credit to your account when we receive same from the Shipper.
    2) Another order may be placed and paid for in an effort to facilitate receipt of your item. To assist, we will be happy to provide the order at a discount (off MSRP), plus shipping costs. Please be advised however that if the original order shows up, it is not returnable nor refundable.

    Damaged Shipment Option

    1) If any parts or items can be salvaged, set them aside for use.
    2) An order may be placed for the items required to make your shipment whole. To assist, we will be happy to provide the order at a discount (off MSRP), plus shipping costs.
    Shipping Green¬
    In order to do our part to keep landfills as ecologically friendly as possible, we often repurpose corrugated boxes and plastic bagging materials received from our vendors. These materials would end up in landfills without ever being used, so we make an endeavor to use the packaging to ensure they are used at least once more before being disposed of.

    In a small way, this is how we help reduce waste. Use of these packages also help keep the cost of shipping and handling down, allowing us to pass these savings on to our customers.
    Further, it’s our hope that customers advance this cause by recycling packaging materials responsibly.

    As a group of individuals concerned with the environment that embraces us all, it’s not hard to see we are committed to do what we can to utilize shipping and packaging products that are repurposed, recycled or recyclable.
    To that end, you'll be pleased to learn that if we do not repurpose packaging for your shipment, most of the USPS shipping items used carry Cradle to Cradle Certification.
    This achievement is awarded to products that pursue an innovative vision of ecologically-intelligent design that eliminates the concept of waste.
    'Click' Here to learn more about Cradle to Cradle and the USPS.



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