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GraphXOff™ Vinyl, Adhesive and Paint Remover

Product ID:Product:PriceQty 
GX-09079GraphXOff™ Vinyl, Adhesive and Paint Remover - 4 OunceUS $6.95
GX-08632GraphXOff™ Vinyl, Adhesive and Paint Remover - 16 OunceUS $21.95
GX-09080GraphXOff™ Vinyl, Adhesive and Paint Remover - 1 GallonUS $139.95
GX-09085GraphXOff™ Vinyl, Adhesive and Paint Remover - 5 GallonUS $559.95


A 100% biodegradable no odor gel, which applies directly to graphics, GraphXOff™ easily removes vinyl, adhesives and paints - including hard-to-remove reflective adhesives.

Within minutes, the graphics - including the adhesive system - can be safely scraped and washed away.

What may have been an impossible, long and tedious job now becomes an easy, clean and non-damaging* removal.

Easy-to-follow instructions clearly outlined on the bottle.

Net Wt. 4 oz, 16 oz, 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon sizes (liquid gel).

'Click' Here for detailed instructions.

Approximate coverage - 16.5 ft2, medium coat (1.53 m2) per 16 ounce bottle.

GraphXOff™ is not recommended for use on plastics, uncoated fiberglass, painted MDO (Medium Density Overlay) and uncatalyzed painted surfaces. Most cars, trucks and boats have properly catalyzed paint, however we recommend testing all surfaces prior to using.

*Decals or Graphics that have been on finish surfaces for a long time may have baked into the finish. Thus, buffing and/or polishing may be required to restore the surface to it's original condition.

**Free Shipping Promotion Does not Apply

Average Rating: 
  based on 13 Customer Reviews

Review On Aug 6, 2021 by Deetta M Schey of CUSHING, MN
Comments: I had been struggling to take the decals off of my old
camper to prep for repainting. Someone on Facebook
recommended this stuff and boy am I glad! What would have
taken me DAYS with an eraser wheel, took two hours with
this stuff. I've been telling everyone about it!!

Review On Oct 8, 2020 by Anonymous of WA
Title: Truly Amazing Product
Comments: I initially purchased the smallest bottle of GraphXoff vinyl decal remover to see if the product actually worked, because so many products on the market today simply do not perform as advertised. I then purchased a pint of the product. Yours is the only product I’ve tried on this project that not only worked as advertised, but really surprised me. By following the simple directions the old and damaged graphics on our boat just melted off. Yes, it took a little re-application in a couple of spots and the use of a plastic scraper, but this stuff is truly amazing. I will highly recommend it to anyone with a similar chore.
I just wanted to share my thoughts and say again what a terrific product GraphXoff is.

Review On Apr 11, 2020 by JWS of Salt Lake City, UT
Title: Awesome!
Comments: Despite watching every video I could find, I was very skeptical as to whether the product would work. However, this stuff is awesome! I used it to remove all of the decals from my 2007 travel trailer. Some were heavily baked on, and all looked horrible. After some trial, and error, I found that if I let it sit for 30 or 40 minutes, even the worst of the decals peeled right off. Some required a couple of applications, but the process was considerably easier than the heat gun, and scraper method that I started with. Great product, and super fast shipping. I am very pleased. Thanks!

Review On Sep 10, 2019 by Keith Ayers of Riverside, CA
Title: Cut the work in half
Comments: I got the 16 oz to try out on my 5th wheel trailer. I really could not believe how this product worked as stated. This is going to cut the work down by 90%.
I have already place an order for 1 gallon and quite relieved that it will not be the difficult job that it had started off to be.

Review On Jun 25, 2019 by Phil Botnick of Apache Junction, AZ
Title: Quality Product
Comments: Does what it’s supposed to do. Saved us a lot of grief in elbow grease. Used it on our 2003 Itasca Spirit Class C Motorhome. Applied it liberally. Some spots needed two coats due to graphics being applied over each other. Some sections had three layers. Left on for 15 minutes. Came off like butter.

Review On Oct 29, 2018 by Anonymous of Lansing, MI
Title: Very, very happy with the product
Comments: The 2005 Chevrolet Suburban we used this product on was a municipal fire chief vehicle since new and was used here in Michigan. The graphics were dry and cracked and we were not looking forward to removal. But it only had 47,000 miles on it so thought it was worth the work. Very, very happy with the product. When used properly it worked well. My first mistake was not leaving it on long enough before attempting removal. After a little experimentation the process was smooth. Had to reapply to remove residue then used a clear coat safe rubbing compound, polishing compound and then wax..
It was great to buy a product that actually worked as advertised. We viewed the videos on line as part of researching products, by the way, so it was an informed purchase.
Thank you for the great product and the prompt delivery.

Review On Jul 30, 2018 by Anonymous of Antioch, IL
Title: WOW!
Comments: This is the best stuff ever. We removed all the peeling, cracking, shrinking decals from our 5th wheel trailer. Sure beats a heat gun and adhesive remover. Don''t be in a hurry, be sure to mask (use painters tape, regular masking tape leaves another glue residue to clean up) any area that you think might be metal (we found out the hard way!), use the right size brush Took us two days to do the entire project. Great stuff!

Review On Jul 26, 2018 by Anonymous of DAMASCUS, VA
Title: Wow!
Comments: Hey guys! Thanks for getting my order to us so quickly! Used the GraphXOff some this! Great product and huge time saver! We’re removing old decals off of our 10 year old fifth wheel. We were using a heat gun and elbow grease...this is a way better process. Thanks again!

Review On Jun 25, 2018 by Anonymous of Parker, CO
Comments: I tried the Graphic X Off last week on my 94 HiLo camping trailer. It had sat in the sun for years and I don''t think ever garaged so I was skeptical. I learned to leave the product on for at least 30 minutes and let it work. It didn''t seem to matter if I was working in the sun or shade. This stuff is amazing. No heat gun, no damage to the fiberglass, it just did what it was supposed to. I took the plastic blade and scraped the decals right off. Great stuff. Thanks for making a product that actually works.

Review On May 30, 2018 by Cpl. Mark Alexander of Belton, TX
Title: WOW
Comments: Bought this product and cannot explain how well it works. We are in the process of removing 1998 stickers off a 4o foot bus used in the medical field. They are baked on and just look horrible. We have not worked a full day on it yet and have almost completely removed all the graphics. No labor really involved. We have found that hot water and power washer really removes the graphics with minimal work and just a little clean up when done. Nothing works better. GREAT PRODUCT

Review On May 24, 2018 by Anonymous of Miami, FL
Comments: I have nothing but great things to say about your product. It has saved my team many hours of pain!

Review On Dec 5, 2017 by Anonymous of Punta Gorda, FL
Title: Terrific product!
Comments: I received the GraphXOff and must admit that I was somewhat skeptical that it would work on my older boat with baked on pin stripes and faded numbers. It worked wonderfully – thank you for a terrific product!

Review On Aug 12, 2014 by Mark Piper of Armada, MI
Title: Graph X Off
Comments: Great Product!!! Removed 27 year old vinyl stickers of my fiberglass boat with no harm to the gel coat.

US $3.95
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2" Chip Brush - GraphXOff™ Applicator
Great for applying GraphXOff™!
US $1.95
  View this product
3" Chip Brush - GraphXOff™ Applicator
Great for applying GraphXOff™!
US $2.95
  View this product



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