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Aquapel® Glass Treatment faq's

How long will Aquapel® Glass Treatment last on a vehicle?

Lasts six (6) times longer than other rain repellent glass treatments.
Lasts for months, under normal driving conditions.

How does it work?

PPG’s proprietary hydrophobic glass treatment adheres to glass, forming a chemical bond. Increases contact angle of water, causing it to bead and easily shed off glass.

Why is hydrophobic (rain repellent) glass treatment beneficial?

The results of a recently released report by The University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute suggests that the use of hydrophobic windshield coatings has the potential to greatly improve driver visual performance in rainy conditions. The study--"The Influence of Hydrophobic Windshield Coating on Driver Performance" indicates that hydrophobic coatings can improve an operator’s visual acuity by nearly 34 percent over an untreated windshield. Additionally, driver’s response time was improved by 25 percent, from four seconds to three seconds. One second in response time represents about 58 feet of travel distance at 40 miles per hour.

How much coverage does it give?

One applicator will do one average windshield or two side windows.

How much time does it take to apply?

Applies in minutes to a clean, dry windshield.

How is it different from other rain repellent products?

Fluoropolymer vs. silicon wax-based chemistry.
Chemical bond actually adheres to glass.
Lasts at least six times longer, more durable performance.

Will Aquapel® Glass Treatment remain effective after...

...going through a car wash?
...using a squeegee and blue water cleaner?
...using common ammonia-based cleaners?
Yes, yes, yes. Aquapel® Glass Treatment will last.

What is Aquapel’s® Glass Treatment's effect on windshield repairs?

Treatment will not migrate into a new crack.
Current testing by leading windshield repair suppliers on performance over resin repairs offers no concerns.

In summary, Aquapel® Glass Treatment:

• Remarkably improves vision in rain, … and sleet, and snow.
• Promotes safe driving,
• Eases snow, ice and bug removal,
• Advanced PPG patented formula, derived from aviation technology
• Durable performance, 6 times longer than silicon-based do-it-yourself items.

Got more questions? Reach Out to our product team - we'll be happy to assist.



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