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RejeX® High Gloss Polish faq's

Why is a vehicle protected with RejeX® easier to clean?

RejeX® generates a non-porous and slick film which most contaminants cannot penetrate or adhere to. Acids in bug residue, bird droppings, tree sap, exhaust deposits, brake dust and other pollutants commonly encountered won’t penetrate RejeX®. Thus, since they won’t stick, cleaning them off is much easier.

Will RejeX® help clean my vehicle?

While RejeX® is considered a fantastic polish it does not perform as a cleansing agent. Cleaning the vehicle with a product such as Xtreme Clean® is recommended to prepare finish surfaces for RejeX® application.

How long does RejeX® last?

Durability is dependent on a variety of factors such as:
• Application technique
• Cure time of product
• Vehicle storage conditions
• Frequency of washing and kind of detergent used
• Regional environmental conditions
Typically, RejeX® lasts between 6 and 9 months and has been reported to last well over a year. High abrasion areas, such as front bumper areas, motorcycle fairings and leading edges of airplane wings, may require frequent application – perhaps every 3-6 months.

Does RejeX® contain UV Inhibitors?

There’s no specific UV inhibitors added to RejeX®. Notwithstanding, RejeX® still provides better protection against UV deterioration and fading than most wax-type products. The tough impermeable polymer film RejeX® creates outlasts and out-protects any wax available. With a limited life span, wax products quickly degrade and lose the ability to protect from environmental damage. RejeX® on the other hand seals paint behind a polymer film barrier, which effectively retards the oxidation process. Moreover, RejeX® boasts an extraordinarily high light refractive index, rejecting the majority of the light spectrum (including UV) from the surface rather than being allowed to penetrate into paint.

Will RejeX® ever "yellow"?

No. This will NEVER (and chemically, can never) happen if cured properly. RejeX® applies diamond clear and remains diamond clear until the day it’s removed.

Does RejeX® require special storage considerations?

RejeX® draws moisture from the air as a catalyst to form a polymer film. Thus, it’s important to store RejeX® sealed in a cool, dry place to prevent it from spoiling. Exposure to high heat (i.e., hot garage or airplane hanger) can cause the product to spoil. Stored properly, RejeX® can enjoy a shelf life of approximately two (2) years.

What coverage can be expected with RejeX®?

A coating of RejeX® proves very thin (approximately one [1] micron), so a little goes a very long way. A 12 oz. bottle should cover:
• 3 economy or sports cars
• 2 regular large sedans or SUVs
• A 30’ boat or RV
• A typical single-engine airplane, nose to tail

What happens if my vehicle gets wet before curing for 12 hours?

Moisture absorbed from the air serves as the catalyst that causes RejeX® to polymerize. The longer it cures – up to about 12 hours – the more durable the finish. Generally, if RejeX® cures for at least an hour or two, rest assured it’ll outlast most waxes. If the product gets a little wet while it’s curing, e.g., a light sprinkle or morning dew, there’s usually not a problem. Try to avoid heavy rain and lawn sprinklers until RejeX® has had at least several hours of cure time.

Can RejeX® be applied over wax products?

While RejeX® will certainly work over wax and provide benefits of enhanced gloss, superior protection for paint as well as rejection of stains, it’s better to apply RejeX® directly on paint finishes that are not waxed. Waxes are characteristically much softer and less durable than RejeX®. When RejeX® is put on top of wax – even though RejeX® will protect and extend the life of the wax – eventually the wax will degrade. When that occurs, RejeX® will wash off with the wax.

Are there any benefits to a second coat of RejeX®?

Yes, there are benefits to multiple coats. A second coat will add luster, provide more UV protection and protect the finish longer. For problem areas such as diesel exhaust soot on the transom of large boats and black streaks common on RVs and boats that are stored outside, a second application of RejeX® is occasionally required to reject stains. For added benefit, it’s important to allow RejeX® to cure fully between coats.

Will RejeX® keep hard water stains and mineral deposits off my car?

Mineral deposits and water spots will be greatly reduced and generally can be wiped right off.

How about brake dust on wheels?

RejeX® won't keep brake dust from accumulating, but it does make wheels easier to clean. A good high pressure spray of water is typically sufficient to knock off brake dust. In addition, RejeX® leaves a wicked shine on both chrome and alloy wheels.

Can RejeX® be used on InvisGARD Paint Protection products?

Yes. Paint protection films are very good for protecting paint from road debris and small rocks that can chip paint, but bug acids and other road grime may still be difficult to clean off the film. An application of RejeX® makes the cleanup process much easier.

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