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TC Black Fusion Plastic Restorer faq's

Why do plastic body parts fade?

Automotive body parts manufactured from plastics and not covered with a finish such as paint tend to fade due to direct exposure to atmospheric elements as well as damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. As a result, plasticizer chemicals slowly leach out and exposed parts lose original appearance and flexibility.

Evidence of deteriorated plastic includes dull appearance, tiger striping, surface dryness and severe discoloration.

How does TC Black Fusion work?

A proprietary chemical, TC Black Fusion revitalizes the raw material’s reactive system. The act of applying the product to a deteriorated surface causes a chemical reaction whereby the silicones in TC Black Fusion provide a protective coating which fuses itself to the substrate.

How much TC Black Fusion product will be required?

Expected coverage of TC Black Fusion product depends on age of subject parts as well as surface conditions. Generally, one (1) 2 ounce bottle will be more than enough for one (1) vehicle. However vehicles with considerable amounts of plastics such as the Hummer H2, Pontiac Aztek or Honda Element may require 2-3 bottles.

Will TC Black Fusion affect adjacent surfaces?

Generally, no. However, TC Black Fusion will soak into and react to any exposed plastic parts. Thus, if there is a surface near the area of application that requires protection, we suggest carefully masking such area(s) with tape and plastic sheeting. For painted areas where overspray or unintended wiping may occur simply clean areas with fresh paper towel.

Why is an “Optional” Spray Nozzle included?

When TC Black Fusion was first released it only had a Spray Nozzle on the bottle. Due to the fact TC Black Fusion catalyzes when exposed to air and hardens quickly, the manufacturer opted to provide the product with a Flip-Top cap for longer shelf life and workability. We simply provide a Spray Nozzle for those who wish to exercise the optional method of application.

Please remember: The Spray Nozzle MUST be installed quickly to reduce the amount of time TC Black Fusion is exposed to air. Moreover, due to the fact that air is introduced to the product by changing the tops, one must work quickly while the hardening affect is in process.

How long does it take for TC Black Fusion to dry?

A cure time of approximately ninety (90) minutes at room temperature above 50 degrees (°F) is required for TC Black Fusion to properly fuse.

When can treated areas be washed or exposed to the elements?

Areas treated with TC Black Fusion can be washed after sufficient cure time of ninety (90) minutes. General washing with soap and water are recommended.

How long does a TC Black Fusion treatment last?

By and large, treatment of plastic parts with TC Black Fusion will last for about one (1) year. Duration of treated finish principally depends on geographical exposure to the elements.

Got more questions? Reach Out  to our product team - we'll be happy to assist.



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