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FilterMAG™ Technology
  • Oil Filter History
  • FilterMAG™ Magnetic Oil Filter System
  • Oil Analysis Test
  • Warranty
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    Visual Proof

    Tiny steel particles that evade your vehicle's oil filter cause the greatest amount of wear in your engine. These particles are a product of the normal running of an engine — an inevitable result of the interaction of rapidly moving metal parts inside your engine.

    Your lubrication system attempts to supply a very thin film of oil (around 10-micron thick) on the metal parts so they glide against each other rather than grind. Nevertheless, any tiny particles of metal which are missed by standard oil filters are able to penetrate this film due to the velocity of the oil flow. In this way contaminated oil is able to gouge engine parts at the microscopic level. This contributes to the cycle of engine wear and the generation of further damaging particles.

    FilterMAG™ holds and traps steel particles with a vice-like magnetic grip against the inner wall of your oil filter before they can cause engine damage — resulting in a significantly cleaner flow of oil. FilterMAG's powerful Neodymium magnets deploy a powerful unidirectional magnetic force to enhance the purity of your lubrication system.

    The cut away oil filters (with their FilterMAG™'s still attached) shown demonstrate graphically how the FilterMAG™ has captured thousands of metal particles that were missed by the oil filter. The powerful magnetic filtration enhancement system has completed the job begun by the traditional oil filter.

    Very fine particles way beyond the range of traditional automotive oil filters are removed from the oil system by an extremely powerful magnetic field. So for the first time, microscopic sized particles can be prevented from entering vulnerable areas of your engine such as the timing chain, valve train, main and rod bearing and ring to cylinder wall space, thus reducing engine wear.

    You need strong protection if you want to ensure the longevity of your engine.

    You need strong protection if you want to maximize your engine's performance.

    FilterMAG™ gives your oil filter the help it needs to complete its fundamental role of protecting your engine.


    Pontiac Grand Prix after only 3,000 miles Lincoln Navigator after only 1,500 miles Mack Truck after 6,000 miles Off-road Baja Bug after only 45 minutes!

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