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Window Tint Removal Tips
Side Windows
Using a single edge razor in a holder, carefully cut a notch onto the upper area of the film and scrape along the glass surface so that you have a piece to pull. Slowly peel the film. It will probably come off in two or three pieces. In most cases, what remains on the glass is the tint's adhesive.

Spray the remaining adhesive with soapy water. Once soaked, scrape the adhesive off with a razor blade, avoiding the edges of the glass until last to keep the blade sharp. Several blades may be required as they dull quickly.

Finish up with glass cleaner and paper towels. Inspect for small bits of adhesive residue (it's clear and hard to see).


Rear Windows

Removing window tint from rear windows is a little more complex and takes more time ~ usually 1-3 hours. Moreover, the likelihood of continued defroster unit operation is slim due to the fact that defroster lines are usually applied to the inside surface of the glass. Thus, when tint removal is attempted the lines may be damaged resulting in a break in continuity.



  • Warm sunny day
  • Tarp
  • Large plastic garbage bag
  • Undiluted Ammonia
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Fine steel wool
  • Razor blades
  • Slotted Screwdrivers
  • Phillips Screwdrivers
Note: The difficulty with removing tint is that most film is constructed of two layers of tinted polyester. When you try to peel the film off the glass, the top layer will usually pull off, leaving the second layer behind. This second layer will not peel off, it will just flake and tear like a price tag.


Step 1:
To overcome separation between layers the adhesive must be softened so as to allow both layers to peel at the same time. This is very important. If you peel just the top layer, you may as well simply use razor blades (and damage the defroster lines) as there is no way to peel the second layer off without picking at it for a few hours. You MUST attempt to peel both layers at once.

NOTE: You are more than likely to damage one or more of your defroster lines if razor blades are used. When this happens, the vehicle's defroster unit will no longer work. Moreover, some vehicles have radio antennas mounted alongside the defrosters made of the same material. If these are damaged, the radio antenna will not work either. Thus, be very careful!

Step 2:
To start, clear the window of any obstructions like the brake light, speaker covers, etc.

Step 3:
Next, cut open the plastic garbage bag so that it will be large enough to cover the entire window. Spray some water on the outside of the back window and lay the plastic bag over the glass. Cut away excess plastic so that it is now roughly the same shape as the glass.

Step 4:
Next, lay a tarp over rear deck and seat. Spray ammonia liberally on the inside of the back window (ammonia is very strong; you hold your breath during this step). Cover ammonia soaked tint with the plastic bag so that it won't evaporate.

Step 5:
Park the vehicle with the rear window facing the sun for about an hour (to be effective, it must be a warm day with direct sunlight). After an hour or so of warm direct sunlight, the film should be ready to peel.

Step 6:
When you are ready to start peeling, leave the plastic bag in place so the ammonia won't dry. Start peeling with a razor blade in a corner where there are no defroster lines. Try to peel film off in one piece. If the ammonia dries as you peel, the glue will get hard again, so spray a bit of ammonia on the area as you peel.

Step 7:
Once the film is peeled, scrub the adhesive off with ammonia and fine 0000 steel wool.

Mop up scrubbed areas with paper towels before they dry. Finish up with glass cleaner and paper towels.

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