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Decal faq's

I just received my graphic/decal kit and when they were unrolled from the shipping tube I noticed creases in the material. Will this affect my installation?

Generally speaking, air pockets or soft creases from shipping do not affect the final appearance of installed graphics. However, to ensure a trouble-free graphic installation, we recommend following the procedures in our Installation Tip ~ Graphic Roll Creases information. 'Click' the link to review.

Just received my shipment and the box is crushed! What do I do now!? :(

While rare, damaged shipments occur. It is not the end of the world, cause for anger or a reason to lash out at our Customer Service representatives who do what they can, in their limited power, to assist. Please 'Click Here' to consider valuable information about the resiliency of our graphic kits. For further information, simply review the remarks offered in the Shipping Damage or Loss area of the Shipping Information section of our site.

I installed my graphic kit and everything went fine, however I ended up with some areas with very tiny bubbles - about .125" (3.175mm) or smaller. Should I take a pin to them to make the graphic lay down or should I leave them alone?

To start, here is an excerpt from our Custom Graphics Installation Instructions: “If after removing the application tape, air bubbles are apparent, puncture the vinyl with a pin or needle (DO NOT USE a knife or razor blade) and squeegee out the air towards the puncture.”

Air/solution bubbles larger than .125" (3.175mm) should be punctured as specified above.

Very small bubbles however will come out with time and heat (sun). Automotive grade vinyl films and our InvisiGARD® Paint and Headlight protection product are open-celled. This means that over time (usually a week or two) small air and/or solution bubbles will dissipate, allowing the film to lay flat. It’s usually best to leave these bubbles alone, not rushing the process with pinholes or a heat gun.

Graphic kit has just been installed and I notice a mottled haze or film starting at the graphic edges that moves in to the center. What is this and how can it be removed?

This occurrence tends to arise during “Wet” applications. Depending on the solution and application tape used, a chemical reaction may occur with the tape’s adhesive that leaves a haze or mottled film at the surface edges of your new graphic (‘click’ here for example).

The haziness can easily be removed within the first several hours with a neutral cleanser such as Rapid Prep. An adhesive remover such as Rapid Remover may be used if the haze is left on for a longer period of time. Washing the graphics with soap and water subsequent to use of an adhesive remover is recommended to neutralize aggressive chemicals.

Just dryfitted my graphics and they appear too short. Shouldn't the pieces wrap around the edges of each panel?
Most graphic kits we offer are precut, ready-to-install. Great care and effort go into designing each kit to make sure fitment is correct. Since we do not recommend wrapping graphic pieces around panel edges such as Hoods, Doors, Fenders and Bumpers, we usually create each piece with a margin of 1/16" to 1/8" from each edge.
Reasons for not wrapping around edges include cleanliness of the back edge, incidence of peeling paint/clearcoats, possibility of vinyl abrasion on the edge, as well as the fact that certain vinyl products retain a "memory" and may peel up around extreme bends.
A review of Original Equipment Manufacturer applied graphics will reveal the same technique of bringing the graphic pieces up to the edge without wrapping. In some cases the margin of exposure is greater than what we provide with our kits.

While vehicle manufacturers take great effort to be uniform where factory emblems are placed, there may be times in which they are slightly off or askew. Due to the fact that we cannot account for such occurrences, slight trimming around emblem(s) may be required to balance the amount of outline exposed. Take great care in trimming to not cut into the vehicle's paint. If you are unsure of yourself with trimming, by all means, seek the assistance of a professional.

Can your Headlight "Eyelid" decals be moved at a later date once installed?

Due to the fact that our Eyelid decals are manufactured from pressure-sensitive automotive grade vinyl, they cannot be relocated. Once they are installed they can be removed with a little heat from a heat gun, however they will not be usable after removal. Moreover, depending on the age of the fixture, factory applied clearcoat on polycarbonate lenses may release with the vinyl thereby rendering a dull finish. Thus, please be advised ~ We are not responsible for durability/quality of factory applied clearcoat on polycarbonate lenses during the installation of our decal kits or in the event they are removed at a later date.

Does your Windshield Lettering set install on the inside or outside of the windshield?

Unless otherwise specified, all of our Windshield Lettering sets are designed to be installed on the outside of the windshield. In many cases, our customer's windshield is tinted at the top. Thus, if the decal were to be installed on the inside it would be difficult to see from the outside.

I just had my vehicle repainted. Can your graphics be installed right away?

A period of one (1) to two (2) weeks subsequent to a repaint is recommended to allow outgassing of paint chemicals to occur. While some painters may bake or cure their projects after application, the paint near the vehicle surface can still be soft and contain chemicals which may dissipate though the baked/cured outer finish for days/weeks after baking. Moreover, paint may pull off the prepared vehicle surface in the event graphics need to be “snapped up” for repositioning if the paint is not fully cured.

How hard is it to get existing decal(s) off my vehicle? I don't want to scratch my painted surface.

Existing decals are relatively easy to remove. Simply warm the decal so as to soften the adhesive system and start peeling at a corner. The decal should release from the existing paint without any damage to the surface. Adhesive residue can be removed with Adhesive Remover. Any discoloration from paint fade can usually be buffed out with polish. 'Click' here for easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.

Can I use soap and water to install your graphic kits?
Yes, and No.

Premium Cast Vinyl Film Products - Yes. However, please review an excerpt from our Custom Graphics Installation Instructions: "Wet Application Method: Spraying a light mist of our Rapid Tac or Rapid Tac II application solution onto your application surface will delay the adhesive activation between the bonding surface and vinyl transfer, resulting in a bubble-free, wrinkle-free application. CAUTION: Wet application may delay the immediate removal of the application tape. A waiting period of up to 30 minutes may be necessary."
Premium Cast Vinyl Wrap Film Products - No. In an effort to provide the best possible product for our graphic kits, we've chosen Wrap Film for various color selections. Due to the unique construction of Wrap Films (e.g., air release channels), manufacturers do not recommend nor warrant applications utilizing Wet Installation methods. Thus, only a Dry Installation method utilizing certain "hinge" techniques is recommended for Wrap Films.

Information on your Color Chart states that installing Reflective graphics with the Wet Method voids Product Warranty. Why?

True. Wet application for Reflective materials is not suggested nor warranted. Reflective colored vinyl materials are manufactured with minute particles of glass and/or metal which give it certain reflective qualities. Thus, moisture between face stock and substrate can cause reflective metal particles to oxidize, causing a rust-like appearance in the film. Over time, this can lead to complete adhesive failure. Manufacturer application recommendations include degreasing the application surface, cleaning with a soapy water mixture followed by a clean water rinse. Just before application the surface should be wiped down with a neutral solution such as Rapid Prep.

Your Installation Instructions suggest the use of "Denatured Alcohol". Is there a substitute that can be used?

While Denatured Alcohol is a common product at local hardware stores in the United States, we realize it may not be available in other countries. Thus, Methyl Hydrate may be used as a substitute.

The goal with either of these chemicals is to provide a clean surface for the installation of graphics, decals and our InvisiGARD® line of products. Denatured Alcohol and/or Methyl Hydrate does not leave an oily film such as other cleaners that contain petroleum distillates.

Your decals/graphics come with pieces labeled for the Left and Right side of my vehicle. What is Left and Right according to Auto Trim DESIGN®?
Great question! Obviously, the reason we use Left and Right in lieu of Driver and Passenger is because the driver may be located in either the left or right side in various countries.

Thus, while sitting in/on the vehicle facing forward, we would consider Left and Right as labeled in the image shown here.

Got more questions? Reach Out to our product team - we'll be happy to assist.






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